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Choosing a contractor to install a new roof isn’t easy. In any given urban area there are usually many roofing contractors available to bid for jobs, and choosing the right one can be tough. Knowing what to consider when selecting a roofing professional can help you make the right choice. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Contract

An expensive job like a new roof installation or a re-roof installation should come with a roofing contract. Doing work “on a handshake” leaves you exposed to risk, should you and your contractor have a miscommunication. Choose a business that provides a contract, and read the contract fully before signing and starting work.

The contract should include:

The names, addresses and contact information for both parties

A detailed description of work to be done

Line items describing the cost of labor and materials

Information about disposal of old materials and disposal fees

Change order information

Approximate start and finish date

Information about what happens if the start or finish date is late

Keep a copy with signatures from both parties. If something changes about the job mid-way through the project, this should prompt your contractor to write a change order. Sign all change orders to keep track of the updated costs.

2. Price

Installing a new roof isn’t cheap, and it’s not supposed to be. Contractors who dramatically underbid their competition may be using lesser quality materials or hiring inexperienced labor.

When comparing costs of different contractors, don’t gravitate toward the contractors who charge far less than everyone else. Although a sub-standard roof may look good at first, the end result could be a leaky, unsuitable product that must be repaired or replaced shortly after installation.

Stay within your budget, but be prepared to pay for a quality contractor. Paying less now could mean paying far more at a later time.

3. References

Get references from all contractors that you’re thinking about hiring. An experienced contractor should be able to provide you with three solid references. Contact each one. When asking references questions, be sure to ask them when they worked with the contractor, what kind of job that contractor did for them, and whether they would choose to work with that contractor again.

Hopefully, the references will be recent. A lot can change over the years, so the more recently the contractor has worked with their references, the better.

4. Reputation

A contractor’s reputation means a lot. Some homeowners find it difficult to gauge contractor reputation. Checking references is one way to find out how a contractor interacts with people in the community.

It’s also a good sign if a contractor is a member of local trade or business associations, or if that contractor has earned awards in the last several years. Some contractors give back to their community by sponsoring events or charities in the area. You can often find this information on their website.

Contractors who are very active in their community in this way generally have a good reputation. When in doubt, look up reviews online to see what experiences other people in the community have had with that contractor.

5. Communication

The way a contractor communicates with clients is very important. Look for a contractor who is able to answer all of your questions and provide information in writing if it’s needed. Avoid contractors who take a long time to respond to your questions and calls.

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